That’s me in the picture with my 3-year-old boy in Morocco. I really love this photo of us standing there, watching a donkey nursing. No matter from which angle it is seen, the feeder or the fed, it is our shared experience around food.


My name is Asmae, I am from Morocco and I live in Silver Spring, MD. A few years ago, I started writing and illustrating picture books, and I realized that almost all my stories deal with food. I like the name Silly Apron because I wear an apron both in the kitchen and in my art studio, where I make things destined for kids, who are often silly.


I created Silly Apron to help me develop and share ideas about how children learn with food, how they grow through food, and how the context of food matters because it shapes their character. And who knows, once they grow up, food, with its aromas and flavors, might well take them back to a haven of care, love, and virtue.


“And he wanted to be where someone loved him best of all. Then, all around, from far away, across the world. He smelled good things to eat! So he said: “I’ll give up being King of where the wild things are.”” Maurice Sendak


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Food is essential and necessary. We say here in Morocco, the way to the heart goes through the stomach 🙂

  2. I like this blog. Kids can learn so much through food, like manners, self-reliance, respect, service to others, etc. And food always takes us back to our childhood. Keep it up!

    • Thank you! There is so much to say about food, and I wish I could post more often. We are all learning through food- my kids, myself, and hopefully people who visit me here.

  3. Hi Asmae,

    This is Melissa, we met at Clara’s house for the birthday party. Love your blog! Wonderful to meet you!

  4. I never seen a blog about food and picture books. This is very interesting!

  5. This blog is absolutely wonderful! Thank you! Helene

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