In my previous post about Pierre Hermé’s chocolate sparklers, I mentioned how these cookies could be used as a Valentine’s Day treat. In fact, they are adaptable to any special occasion. If you don’t have colorful crystallized sugar, just put some white sugar in a zip lock bag, add one drop of food coloring to the sugar, and shake the bag for a few seconds until the white sugar is entirely tinted (see my King’s Day post).


Pierre Hermé’s cookies look sophisticated; it’s hard to believe that so little effort goes into making them. Kids can be involved in the process, especially in rolling the log of dough in sugar.


If you’re trying this recipe for the first time, it might be easier to get them involved in the packaging phase. My kids love to share homemade sweets with their teachers, current and past. They’re excited to deliver these cookies to their school for Valentine’s Day.


Here is a link to the original recipe. The ingredients and process are simple, almost as if you were making chocolate chip cookies: flour, salt, cocoa powder, and cinnamon, blended and added to a mixture of butter, sugar, and vanilla. Next the chocolate chips are incorporated. The difference is that there are no eggs and no baking powder or baking soda. The dough is easily formed into log, chilled, coated in sugar, sliced, then baked. If you don’t like cinnamon, don’t worry – you don’t really taste it. Instead, the cinnamon enhances the chocolate flavor, like a little coffee does in some other chocolate recipes.


If you like to compare recipes, here is a link to another very popular Pierre Hermé recipe for chocolate cookies that do not use sparkles. This recipe uses baking powder, which makes the dough puff a little, so it doesn’t really work if you’re seeking neat circles of sparkles bundled together.


I hope you try this Weather-Inspired Valentine’s Delights. If you are looking for more ideas, make sure to check Silly Apron’s Valentine’s Day project from last year. And whatever you do, I would love to know about it!