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Games are fun, but games involving pastries are extra fun. Pustekuchen (in German puste means ‘puff’ and kuchen means ‘cake’ is one of my favorite family games made by the German company Haba. All you have to do is blow a light ball straight into a hole in the picture of the dessert to win a related dessert card. It’s a perfect game for Friday night, when your digestive system is already working on several slices of pizza and your only wish is for a hot drink and something sweet.


The cool thing about Pustekuchen—besides being for ages 4 to 99—is that when kids play it, they have no idea that they’re learning
discipline, concentration, taking turns, and patience. After all, games are about escaping reality, about being side-tracked into a made-up, a fictional world without risk of reprimand.


Who knew that transforming fiction into reality only intensifies the make-believe experience?


Attention please! According to the new rules, when you win a dessert card, you also get… the actual dessert!


You still have to win first, which makes patience even harder now.  Unfortunately, in German, Pustekuchen also means, “Not a chance!” or even worse, “Not a bit of it!”


But it’s all worth the effort.

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Lesson Learned: If games can create good times, food can make them memorable.


(And never try to make five desserts in one day!)