I chose art as a major in high school in Meknes, Morocco, and later at university in Aix-en-Provence, France. While I loved every single art class during those 3+4 years, by the end of my Bachelors year in France, the notion of “Art for Art’s Sake” had become hard for me to digest. I felt I was in a bubble disconnected from the world. I developed an allergy to conceptual art, I think because it was the only form of expression that was allowed at that stage. So, with diploma in hand, I decided to say adieu to the Art Universe. Little did I know, it was just an au revoir. Years later, after a professional journey that took me around the world, juggling jobs between embassies, NGOs, and think tanks, I was now pushing a stroller in the kids section of a local bookstore, and I remember saying to myself, while reading “The Snowy Day” to my toddler, ‘This is not kid’s stuff, it’s a work of art.  THIS is ART!’